Curly Wurlies and Lustful Virgins

Tireless supermarket workers Brenda and Marge juggle customer service announcements with a nice chat about Johnnie's unfortunate death.

Diarrhetic Y-Fronts

Brenda and Marge return with more fantastic offers and an unfortunate tale about Nige, who has an accident in his pants.

One Leg and a Cleft Buttock

Brenda and Marge return with a festive tale involving a stand in Santa, an ice cream and funeral parlour, and plastic dog poo.

Inflatable Mrs McCluskey

Marge tells Brenda about her Graham, who's in prison due to a series of unfortunate events involving a stick-up at a Spud U Like.

A Nun with a Scimitar

Brenda tells the story of her Jimmy, who's had an unfortunate series of misfortunes involving a nun with a scimitar, a pair of old underpants and a Pritt Stick.

Two Days Up an Elephant’s Bum

Marge relates the tale of her Dave, who in a surprise career move has given up lorry driving to become a demigod.